Well, we have been to the pool a couple of times now this summer. The first time we went, dad was still in San Francisco for work so it was just the kids and mom. We got a pool pass for the whole summer at the Lehi outdoor pool. On that first trip (which happened to take place on Jaxson’s 9th birthday june 13th) I got the four big kids sunscreened up, and told them they could go play. Jax came back a minute later and said he was going to go jump off the diving board, which made me a little nervous since my kids are not exactly accomplished swimmers. He felt confident he was ready though, so I didn’t want to rain on his parade, especially on his birthday. Off he trotted, and I pulled Sienna from her carseat and started covering her with sunscreen. The next thing I know there are whistles blowing all over the pool. I looked up in time to see a lifeguard climbing back out of the pool with his tank top and shoes still on. He had obviously had to jump in and save some poor kiddo. It took a minute before I realized it was MY poor kiddo standing next to him on the concrete, looking a bit shaken. So, needless to say, I think it will be a little while before Jaxson attempts the diving board again. Lucky for me I missed the whole thing, or we may have never gone back to the pool again!

McKyla Rae

Jaxson and Sienna

Teegan Lee

Katauna Shae

Sienna Tae

We went to the pool with dad on Friday, which is a lot more fun for the kids, since mom mostly just sits in the sun getting tan, and dad will get in and play. Here they are throwing a penny and racing to see who can get to it first.