My Sick Little Girl

For those of you who don’t know, my little Sienna has been sick sick sick. She was really healthy for her first 6 months, until my pregnancy made it impossible for me to keep nursing. Once the solid food made it’s appearance, she started going downhill in a hurry. She was 14.8 pounds at 6 months, and now at 10 1/2 months she is 14.2, and that is up from her 9 month weight of 13 lbs. We know 2 month olds who weigh more than this little shrimpo. The low weight has been kind of nice for mom, since I carry her all over the place, and I’m 6 months pregnant, I don’t think I could handle another Jaxson. (Our Bubba, 16 lbs at 2 months !) But she is getting sick and tired of the infant seat and wants to be in an upright carseat….I don’t think that’s legal at 14 lbs is it? Anyway, she started losing the weight, and we kind of figured she probably has Celiac Disease like mom. She quit sleeping through the night, and hasn’t resumed that blessed practice yet. And she started getting sick – everything that came along. Runny nose, fever, and then she got thrush. I treated it with acidophilous, and it seemed to clear up after about a week. Being concerned with her weight loss I decided to try her on Gluten-Free and see what happened. She has now been basically gluten-free for 6 weeks. During the first month GF she put back on a pound, so that was exciting. About 10 days ago, the thrush came back. It was just a couple little spots in her mouth the first day, but the second day it went crazy. Her mouth cleared up really fast, but it has attacked the rest of her body. She is rash/scab covered! It is the saddest thing I have ever seen. It was really bad on her arms, then it moved to her lips and chin, and now it is going down her legs. She is in so much pain it breaks my heart. The doctor’s think it is a candida infection, and a couple viruses. Part of Celiac Disease is having a really low immune system, which is clearly the case here. We have her on a number of different medications, along with stuff to help her gain weight. She is the most patient thing in the world, and pretty much never complains, cries, whines, etc. Her nights are hard, she wakes up 10 times because the itching is so bad, and I feel so helpless. We have a standing appt. with the doctor for the next 3 weeks, and we are supposed to be staying home as much as possible, no church, no pool, no sun, etc. Hopefully she will start getting better…her face is already looking better than it did 3 or 4 days ago, so maybe we are on the mend. I will try to post an update every once in a while. In the meantime, everyone say a little prayer for my little angel. I just took this picture today. You can kind of see the rash all over,
but you can’t tell how bad it is. This was also taken today. Her feet are covered with fever blisters, and cracked rashes. This is what it looks like as it travels around. Her face got this bad, but luckily is getting better.

This was two days ago…Her arms are looking much better than they were last week. Look how skinny she is. 🙁
This is what it looked like when it first started on her face. Then she was drooling a lot (by the way she has her first tooth now!!) and that made it worse.
It got to the point that it hurt her too bad to smile. Man I missed her smiley little face for a few days!