Fourth (and 5th) of July

Ok I finally have a minute to catch up. The fourth of July was a lot of fun, as always. We spent the afternoon and evening at my mom and dad’s house. We had a barbeque, and then let off a few fireworks, and the kids played with sparklers. The Pleasant Grove show wasn’t that great this year, they moved it to the Junior High, and we didn’t have a very good view from mom and dad’s front lawn. After we finished setting off the fireworks, all the kids started taking the rose petals off of Grandma’s rose bushes and throwing them at each other. Mom and dad moved their chairs off the lawn, but told the kids to keep doing it, since her rosebushes needed pruning anyway. 5 minutes later the sprinklers went on and everyone (all the kids and their parents, but strangely enough Grandma and Grandpa were safe and dry on the driveway) got soaked. The kids had a blast, but I didn’t get very many good pictures. I am becoming less and less thrilled with my camera, especially for night shots, and can’t wait until we can get a new one.

The next night (the 5th) Jason’s best friend Casey and his family dropped by on their way through to California and spent the night. We hadn’t used our fireworks on the fourth, so we lit them off in the park behind our house on the 5th. Our next door neighbor’s the Emmetts came and watched too, and the kids had a lot of fun. Casey and Tanya left the next day, after trying to convince us to move up to Idaho right now. It is in our eventual plans to be living up there, but we don’t see right now as being optimal, seeing as it’s not the best time to sell a house, among other things. I am hoping we will be here for another 4 or 5 years, and then settle in for good somewhere beautiful. We shall see. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Sienna was not crazy about the sparklers, and refused to hold on to one.

This is on the 5th, Jason was lighting the sparklers with our barbeque, because we couldn’t find a lighter! From left to right: Jaxson, Lincoln Emmett, Teegan, McCade Emmett, Elijah Hermansen, Katauna, Camry Hermansen, and Halli Hermansen.

Katauna watching the fireworks at Grandma’s.

Teegan with his sparkler on the 5th.

Jaxson and Tregan (Emmett) watching fireworks behind our house.

McKyla with a sparkler on the 5th.

On the fourth there was one firework that popped a little far and hit my girls. I caught this picture right after it happened.