Gleason Family Reunion 2008

This past sunday we loaded up the car and headed out on our first family camping trip of the summer. Okay, it’s not actually like real camping, there’s grass, no fires allowed, and flush toilets and showers, but we did sleep in our tents, so I count it. We went to Palisades Park down in Sterling Utah, just south of Manti. It’s my dad’s family reunion, so my Aunt Lorna, Aunt Terri, Uncle Rick, and Uncle Wes, and some of their kids and grandkids were all there. We were there Sunday night and Monday night, and left Tuesday afternoon. It was fun, and nice to get outside for a while, although it was quite toasty. Jason and I were able to golf 18 holes, which was my first time golfing in 2 years, and I have missed it. It was good to spend time with the family, and we are thinking about starting a Gleason Family Campout on an annual basis with my mom and dad and their kids. That would be fun. Jaxson in the bean bag toss.
Katauna at the fishing pond (with cousin Maren).

Teegan helped dad man the bean bag toss.

Katauna in the sack race. Ashley did a fantastic job planning games for the kids.

Kyla and Jaxson, neck and neck. (And that’s grandpa).

Teegan at the turn around point. With my adorable sister Ashley.

One of the best parts of the reunion was getting to see my sister Karen (she lives in Northern California.) I think she wanted to keep Sienna.

This is Karen’s little girl McKenzie, and Sienna.

Jocelyn made balloon animals for the kids. I don’t know what this started as, but now it’s giant lips.

There was also a reservoir there, and we all went swimming on Tuesday (except the baby, the doc says no water for her yet.) Here is Katauna floating along.

Teegan and cousin Maren playing (or rather laying) in the sand.

Jaxson taking off his life jacket. I am aware that he needs a haircut really bad.

My beautiful McKyla Rae.

My four big kiddos. Man I love them.