Perry Family Campout

Every year Jason’s family gets together for a family campout. We spend a week together playing and having fun. This year we went to a place called George Creek, it was fairly close to Mom and Dad Perry’s Cabin, and very remote…we didn’t see any other campers all week. The kids had so much fun seeing their cousins and getting very very dirty. I tried to get pictures of everything, but you can only do so much when you have an 11-month old and are 7 months pregnant. Some of the things I missed were: the kids playing in the creek; the creek came through our campground, and was just big enough to cool off in, but not big enough to require life-jackets or constant supervision – in other words, the perfect size. You would think that having the kids in the creek all day would keep them fairly clean – you would be wrong. It was dirty. I don’t have any pictures of the boys shooting the pistols or paintballing. Jaxson paintballed with dad this time, his first time. He did quite well, despite taking one up under his mask on his chin. It’s too dark to get pictures at night, but we had a big campfire every night, and on Friday we had our annual White elephant gift exchange…many laughs. I forgot my camera the day we went to the Durfey Hot Springs, but it was a lot of fun, with the kids swimming themselves clean. The water was a little warm, but still refreshing. All in all a great spot for camping, with shade all day and plenty to do. Here are some of the other activities going on, that I actually managed to take pictures of.

Katauna and Sienna taking a nap in the middle of the day. There was a lot of sleeping.

Brett brought his little motorcycle and most of the kids took turns riding on it. Here is Teegan turning around.

And here is McKyla, little fearless motorcycle chick.

Aunt Becky braiding Katauna’s hair. Look at that face…like I said, it was dirty.

Uncle Calvin brought four horses, and I think the kids rode them every day. Here is McKyla.

McKyla and Katauna along with the twins, Mykah and Jordyn.

Sienna didn’t really ride, we just put her up there for a picture. She wasn’t real sure about it.

McKyla learning from uncle Cal. She was really taken with the horses and spent every spare minute with them. Uncle Cal told her as soon as we have the property to keep them, he will give her a couple horses from his herd. She is spending this week up at Calvin and JoNae’s, I’m sure getting lots of riding in.

Calvin, Cody, Jason and Dalan went on a horseback ride for a few hours one morning. Then they did it again the next morning. And now they are planning an 8 day trip in August to go horseback riding in the Bob Marshall wilderness. Guess it must have been fun….maybe I’ll get to ride next year when I’m NOT PREGNANT.

My handsome cowboy.

We brought up the washer boards. Everyone had so much fun, we never even set up the horseshoes. The nice thing about washers is you can set it up anywhere, and move it when the shade moves. Jason and I pretty much kicked everyone’s trash. Tee Hee.

JoNae and Julie never fail to have a fishing pond for the kids….which they absolutely LOVE.

I didn’t get any pictures of the kids riding their bikes down the hill, but this was taken after Teegan got going a little too fast and wiped out. He said his mouth hit his seat….it was a little bloody, and his face was swollen for 4 days. This happened the first day.

Sienna loves our “dog-dog” as she calls it, now if only we could get Katauna to like her.

Dad took all the kids fishing. He spent time with each of them, teaching them the secrets of creek fishing, how to sneak up on a hole, etc. I think the final score was Teegan 3, Kyla 2, and Jaxson 2. He taught them all how to clean their own fish, and we ate everything they caught. It was yummy.

Dad and Kyla.

Dad and Jax, pretty sneaky.

One of Teegan’s catches. Jason made them bait their own hooks and everything. They fished the first 3 days, and then I think they decided it was too much work.

McKyla’s final catch. I know it is tiny….but she caught it with her bare hands. Borrowed Grandpa’s pocket-knife and cleaned it before Jason got back in camp from his horseback ride.

Sienna laughing at how small McKyla’s fish is. Or something.

Cody brought his rock-climbing gear and Jason, Cody, Brett and Coltyn found a spot to repel from . It is a big deal that I actually have pictures of this, as it made me sick to even watch, so scared of heights am I.

Jason repelling.

Jason and Kevin both brought shotguns and clay pigeons and the guys had a little tournament. Here are some of the kids watching. Those shotguns are kind of loud.

Jason would have won the tournament, but a late entry by Becky’s friend Kelly put him at second.

They let the kids shoot the single-shot shotgun. Here is uncle Dalan helping Teegan.

And of course no campout is complete without the redneck photo shoot. Jason, Dalan and Cody grow their mustaches every year for weeks before campout, so they can take pictures. This year they added outfits. Here are a few of the poses…the goat is SkyLee’s and camped with us all week, as well as the 4 horses and I think 4 dogs.

You can’t tell because I cropped it, but this pic was taken in a big brown van.

Jason’s shirt says “The Impregnator”. Thanks to the white elephant gift exchange the night before.

Uncle Dalan the second he realized the hand-brakes on the motorcycle were not there…He almost crashed into a tree.

Uncle Cody, pretty proud after coming off the bridge in one piece.