My mom is the BOMB

One of the best parts about having a baby is the week after when my mom stays at my house and babies me. Mom was here from Tuesday thru Friday this go around, and it was so nice. She let the kids pick what they wanted for dinners, kept up the laundry, changed all of Sienna’s stinky diapers 🙂 and made me breakfast in bed everyday. She makes a mean omelet. She slept with the baby, woke me up to nurse, but took care of the burping and diaper-changing in the middle of the night. The best thing about my mom is that she just does it. She doesn’t ask if I want her to clean my bathrooms, she just says “i’m going to clean the bathrooms now, do you need anything?” (Oh, and sorry mom, I know my bathrooms were very neglected during the 3rd trimester. Okay, and part of the second.) She doesn’t ask if I want her to do the laundry, she just does it. I love that. Thanks for everything mom. You’re the bomb.

Grandma and baby Jace.

On my mom’s last day, we finally ventured out of the house and took the baby to see Grandpa at work. Here are my parents with my two little girls.

Proud Grandpa.

Sienna loves baby Jace, and is learning very quickly how to be soft. It’s so fun to watch.