Mess Maker, Mess Maker

Sienna has a new nickname around our house. She is our little mess maker, mess maker. I must have selective memory, or maybe a mental block of my first 5 years as a mother, because I had seriously forgotten how messy a 13 month old can be! Her favorite things to get into are of course all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and the master bath. I haven’t grabbed the camera for any of those messes (although I could, they occur 10 or 12 times a day it seems!) but here are 3 of the other messes I found this week.

I was feeding the baby in the living room when I heard a crinkly noise from the kitchen. This is what I found.

But she thinks if she gives a little giggle I’ll forgive her. She’s right.

She makes a huge mess of her face, chair and the surrounding floor whenever she eats. My mother can confirm this.

But of course, a little game of peek-a-boo and all is forgiven.

And this is a mess I found one day when she had been down for a nap for half an hour and I could tell she wasn’t asleep. I went in to see if she needed a diaper change…not so much. All of this paper was in a binder on Katauna’s bed, and Sienna had reached through the bars on the crib to grab one sheet at a time. Very resourceful.