Girl’s Night In

A few weeks ago Jason and the boys went on Father-and-Sons campout with the ward. I sent a camera with Jason, but lo and behold he forgot to use it. So, no pictures of that glorious occasion. Maybe next year. Since all the boys (and the car) were gone, we decided to stay in and have a girl’s night, just the 5 of us. It was a lot of fun, I basically let them do whatever they wanted. I don’t have pictures of movie watching, or ice-cream sundaes, but here is a recap of our night.
We started with Pizza and Soda for dinner (thanks Jailyn!)

This is the gluten-free version of a junk food dinner that Sienna and I indulged in.

Of course you must have manicures on a girl’s night. Pink base coat, and sparkles on top.

It’s really hard to keep the paint on those little nails.

And even more difficult when the tiny nails won’t hold still for a second!

After dinner and nail-painting we made ourselves some rice-krispy treats.

I shouldn’t say “we” considering they did all the work.

After that we made popcorn and watched “Another Cinderella Story”. Then the girls had sundae’s with as many scoops as they wanted, and we started another movie, which I slept through. At least I only slept through one movie…Jace slept through the entire night. (I did manage to paint her fingers and toes whilst she snoozed.) All in all, a night to repeat on an annual basis.