My two little girls

Just a quick couple of pictures for Karen and Sherri and our family in Idaho who don’t get to see how fast these two are growing everyday! I love Jace’s eyes, and take pictures whenever I find them open.

This was Sienna’s first ever brownie. Considering how expensive the gluten-free mix is, factored in with the fact that she played a lot and ate very little, it may well be her last brownie ever!

I love this picture of the two of them, with Jace staring down her big sister.

One night when she was a little irritated, I went out to calm her down. I put my hand on her stomach and she grabbed onto it with both of her hands. It melted me.

My big Nenna girl, she isn’t interested in any movies or cartoons, but will ask for and watch her “Baby Signing Time” dvds 10 times a day.

The most recent picture I have of Jace, this was taken last night at the church. We were having a halloween party for activity days, and I laid her down on the floor for a while. She is getting too old already. And cuter every day.