Blessing Day

In addition to baptizing Teegan yesterday, we decided to bless our Jace Capri the same day, so our family and friends wouldn’t have to make the trip out here twice. We had the baptism first and then the blessing. Afterward everyone came over for lunch. It was a nice day, and I’m really glad everything went well and it’s over!
Our beautiful little Jace. All four of my girls have worn this dress for their blessings.
Me and Jason and our sleeping beauty. The day tuckered her out and she slept through most of it.

In addition to Grandma and Grandpa, guests for the baptism and blessing included Darren and Ashley, Debra and Jon and their kids, Ryan and Jocelyn and their kids, David and Shalyn and their kids,Dalan and Kari and Aidan, my friend Jamie Adams, and Jailyn and Tyson and their kids. It was a house full, and so nice. Thanks everyone for helping with the food.

Aunt Debra gets her own picture with Jace, because she made this beautiful blanket for her!