Christmas 2008

I am not even going to justify the tardiness of this posting. Like it matters, at least I took pictures. Yay me! This was a great Christmas, we spoiled ourselves rotten and loved spending two 5 day weekends with Jason this year. So nice!
As tradition dictates, Pajamas on Christmas Eve.
All of our crazy nuts in their new PJ’s. McKyla requested silky, Katauna requested a Nightgown, and the boys requested no skin tight thermals (happily I complied with that.) I had free reign on the little ones.
Her hair is long enough for regular pig tails now, which means this is what it generally looks like. You can only fix it so many times a day before you give up and decide the wings actually look okay.
Jaxson and Teegan. They thought this was really funny. For like an hour.
My two tinys. Already getting too big too fast!
The next morning the kids didn’t wake up until 7:30. You can tell they were still half asleep when they gathered at our door to sing a wake up carol. Little did they know we had been awake for an hour already and were in the office on the computers.
Stockings first. This year Santa Claus brought the boys each a pocket knife. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. So far no injuries.
All the kids got a yo-yo this year, and are very amazed at my yo-yoing abilities.
Merry Christmas Jace Capri. She got this new blanket that she loves.
Sienna has done so well with Signing Time, Santa decided to get her on the reading train. This dvd is the most boring thing I’ve ever watched. Second most boring after that retarded penguin movie.

Two years ago I informed Santa Claus that he is only allowed to bring the kids books at our house. (Why should the fat guy get all the credit for the fun stuff). So their Christmas wish lists are comprised of book titles. This year McKyla got the first two Twilight books. Jaxson got the 3rd Leven Thumps and The Thief Lord. Teegan got 4 new Goosebumps, and Katauna got 4 Amelia Bedelia Books. I am so glad all four of my big kids LOVE to read.
The big surprise this year was the Wii. We decided to forgo individual presents this year, and do one big family present. So they got books from Santa and the wii from us. There has been no complaints. It has been so much fun!