We are really gonna miss our dog. We bought MoJoTiKa when she was 8 weeks old and had her flown out from Minnesota. She is a pure bred Shiba Inu. Me and the kids went to pick her up at the airport and she was just this cute little scared ball of fur. We decided to name her after all 4 kids using the first letters in their names, MJTK. (Luckily we bought her before we added S&J) We have had her almost 4 years, and she has been a great dog. She is so fun to have camping with us, and has always been so good to the kids. Since we moved out here to Saratoga Springs and have no fence she has been on a chain. It is too sad. We decided it wasn’t fair for her to be chained up all the time (and the $280 it cost me when she got off her chain at Thanksgiving was also motivating), so we listed her for sale, and now she’s gone. The couple who bought her also have a male Shiba Inu, and they have no kids… so their dogs are their babies. She will be living inside now, and going to the dog park every week and all around being spoiled. We will miss her tons, but we know they will love her lots, and they brought their dog over when they came to see her, and they got along great, so we know she will have a friend. It was hard to say goodbye, especially for McKyla who has fed her every day for the past 4 years and was pretty attached. Someday when we have a place a dog can run we will buy another Shiba Inu. Really great dogs.