Another Check Mark on the To Do List

As sad as it may sound, my little girl is too big for her cradle. She is getting so close to crawling, and I know she is moments away from climbing right out of the cradle and crawling through the house as the rest of us slumber, which would be dangerous on so many levels. So, I considered for about 3 seconds putting Sienna in a toddler bed and giving her crib to Jace. Quickly talked myself out of it thinking of the messes which would undoubtedly follow during nap time with Nenna not confined to a crib. I had to swallow and realize we were going to become a two crib household. I have been looking on craigslist and ksl for the last week or so, and this morning I found it! I drove to Alpine to pick it up, came home and assembled it, and she was snoozing mere seconds later.
I was a little worried because the ad didn’t include a picture. It only cost $75 and that included the mattress (and I’m guessing this was a $60 mattress, based on experience). She told me it was 12 years old and had been used with 3 kids, but that it was in “really good condition”. Of course, one person’s definition of really good condition is sometimes quite different than another’s. I was prepared to spend some time stripping, sanding and painting this to make it nice. How joyful to find this crib, looking practically new. I love it. And once I sell the cradle, I think I’ll only be into it about $25. How’s that for bargain shopping?
My precious little Jace Capri.