Hope of America

Last Tuesday, May 5, McKyla had the chance to perform in Hope of America. This is a program involving all of the 5th graders in Utah County. It involves 72 schools and over 7000 kids. Jace and I went without the rest of the kids because I knew how crowded the Marriott Center would be, and I was right. It was quite the show… and I look forward to seeing it 3 more times in the next 4 years! This was a beautiful sight to behold. All the songs had synchronized actions, and it was quite a thrill to watch all those hands start waving in unison.
McKyla is right in the middle of this picture, with the white headband. It took forever to find her, we were sitting about as far away as humanly possible, unfortunately.

Here is McKyla after the show, with Tregan Emmett our neighbor. Great job you guys.