While Dad was Home

We’ve been missing our dad something fierce around here. Gone for three weeks and then only home for the weekend, and then gone for three weeks again is not how we like things . Sienna has been waking up each morning walking through the house with her hands in the air saying “Daddy? Go?” As in, where did he go? It’s heartbreaking. So, we really tried to monopolize every moment of his time while he was in town. The big kids had school, but I begged Jason not to go to work until noon the morning after he got home, so we could spend some time with him. We took the little girls out to breakfast at Dennys.
She likes to think she knows how to drink out of this cup, but she keeps tipping it all the way until it spills out the lid. Of course we find this both frustrating and freaking adorable.
One of these days soon a couple teeth are going to pop through that bottom set of gums and this toothless grin will be gone forever. I think I will cry now.

We love you so much dad. Can’t wait to see you again.