Mother’s Day at the Park

Our Jason, he’s a smarty. He scheduled his in town time to coincide with Mother’s Day. I told you he’s a smarty. How nice it was for me to wake up Sunday morning to the sweet chorus of my children singing “Happy Mother’s Day to you” and then to be smothered with gifts of the home-made and store-bought variety. Jason took the kids shopping at Wal-Mart the night before and they bought me 3 new plants. I have a very bad relationship with plants. I ALWAYS kill them. I should stick with plastic, but I just hate fake plants. I’ve been mentioning to Jason of late how I need some green in our house… and he was listening! What a good husband. The kids all had letters, cards, cookbooks, etc from school. I am so blessed as a mom and a wife. I could never ask for or imagine a family that would make me happier. I love you McKyla, Jaxson, Teegan, Katauna, Sienna and Jace. And you Jason.
Sunday afternoon was beautiful and we spent it in the park.
Nenna Bug.
My little beauty, Jace Face.
The kids love going to the park with dad and playing freeze tag. That is one slippery slide.
Mmmm, I could eat her.
Can’t wait till dad is home again for another day in the park.