Katauna’s First Grade Concert

Tauna had her first grade concert the other day. They have been working on the songs for quite some time now. It was very impressive! I almost wasn’t able to go, it was at 1:00 in the afternoon, and they requested you DO NOT bring any kids with you. And Jailyn has a first grader as well, so I couldn’t leave the munchkins with her. I ended up pulling McKyla out of class for an hour, and she took the girls to the park and watched them. I didn’t get great pictures, even though I was only in the 3rd row back. There were a lot of parents there, and of course, a ton of them brought their little kids.
Katauna knew I might not make it there, because of the kid situation. She didn’t see me until after the last song. This is the disappointment that was on her face the whole concert. She lit up when she saw me. Great job Tauna Wauna.