Summer has Begun!

School is out and the days are getting warmer. While Jason was in town for the weekend we decided to get the pool up early this year. We had a picnic lunch of KFC and got to work. It took about a full week to find 3 leaks, but now we are up and running, and the kids are swimming everyday. I haven’t got in yet… too cold for my taste. But I did buy a floating lounger so I could lay out in the pool … now all I need to find is the time.
Just starting to get the pool set up. It takes about 5 hours to fill.

Skinny Man Tee and Jace Capri.

The first thing McKyla said when she saw this picture was “Oh, I have goggle marks on my head!” Followed by “That’s a weird smile.” I think she is beautiful, goggle marks and all.

Jaxson filling the pool.
Thirsty Nenna Bug.

After all that hard work, dad had to lie down and take a nap.

I’m bored, when do I get to go swimming?