Dad’s in Town

It’s always fun when dad’s in town. We spoil ourselves a little. We quit working and lay around the house a lot. We watch a lot of movies, and eat a bunch of junk food. We tend to smile more, laugh more, and play more. And we usually go out to eat. We let the kids choose where they wanted to eat. They chose Chuck-a-Rama. Now, I know. That is a horrible name for a restaraunt. I know, I know, when you hear it you think “up-chuck”. Not appetizing. But seriously, the food there is not too shabby. All you can eat, lots of variety. On this particular night the watermelon was spectacular.
It was fun to spend a night hanging out with dad and eachother.

And the chocolate pudding was especially divine.

She learned this little trick from her dad.

After we were all full-to-bursting, we headed over to the dollar store where the kids bought, among other things, these items. It was nice to have dad home for a few days. And we’re pretty dang excited this job is almost done.