Shooting with Dad

While dad was in town this past weekend, we went out and did a little shooting out west of here. It was a warm day, but there was a bit of wind. Our kids are getting a lot better at hitting the target, and practicing gun safety. Heading out to go set up targets.
Not to happy to be brought back in to the car after setting up targets.
First with the .22 Ruger. I love this gun. It doesn’t kick at all. It’s really fun to shoot.
McKyla watching the target and keeping score.
Jaxson was the winner of the pistol shoot.
Jace was content to sit around and eat some dirt.
Katauna is still learning, and is having a hard time hitting the target.

This is why. 🙂
Mmmm. Oh sorry, did i say that out loud?
McKyla Rae.
Dad giving some pointers to Jaxson before he takes his turn with the rifle.
He hit the target a few times, but the pistol was definitely his high point on this day.
Teegan with the rifle.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Man we’ve been missing you.
Sharpshooter McKyla.
She was the big winner of the rifle shootout. Hitting the target with 9 out of 10 shots. That’s my girl!