More Soccer – Beautiful Saturday

I missed one of McKyla’s games last week, because I was in bed sick. I hated to miss it. I know it’s been hard for dad to be gone all summer and miss most of the season. Today was gorgeous out, a perfect day for a game. We have yet to win a game this season. Over all 8 games, we have only scored 3 goals. (Not to brag….. whatever, I’m totally bragging, Ky scored two of the three.) But, it is the team’s first year together, and they do seem to be getting better with each game.
I know you can’t see anyone in this picture, but I just love our mountains. I can’t imagine not having this backdrop for everything we do everyday.
McKyla is a natural at this game. She absolutely loves it.
She has a ton of hustle, is not afraid of the ball, or the other players, and gets a wee bit frustrated when she loses the ball between her feet.

This is her friend Ivy. She’s also really good with a lot of spunk. She’s a cutie too.
I’ve started telling Kyla if she works hard and gives it her all, she could play college ball on scholarship. You gotta start pushing scholarships young these days. She is a hard worker, she is by far the fastest girl on the field at every game, and she absolutely loves the game. All those things combined make it pretty dang fun to sit and watch a game on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.