Teegan Lee – 9 years old

Teegan turned 9 today. He is in 3rd grade and his teacher is Mrs. Harward. Teegan is by far our quietest kid, but don’t let that fool you. He has a bit of a sneaky streak, and is actually quite a comedian. He reads books of riddles and jokes, and he remembers every single one! Oh, yeah, and he’s dang handsome.
A much quieter event than last week, Teegan opened presents surrounded by just us.
He got some shirts and a computer game and a new book.
Now I know, I know, it is a sight to behold. All I can say is, sometimes Gluten Free cake turns out good, and sometimes it turns out like this. Sorry bud.

My big nine-year old, getting a little choked up thinking I had forgotten all about the RipStik he had asked for. Tee Hee.

There’s a smile! Happy 9th Birthday Teegan!