Another Trip to the Cabin

Last weekend we decided to load up and head to the cabin again. It was a quick trip, up on Friday night and back on Sunday, but it was fun to see Grandma and Grandpa again.
My four big kids hangin out on the ole red truck.
There was lots of time for relaxing, and Jax spent it doing the same thing I did. Reading.
Grandma showing Teegan and Tauna what a pine nut looks like. We had a big pine nut roast on Saturday afternoon.
Of course Jason brought the guns and we did a little shooting.
Jason just bought a couple cowboy guns. They are fun to shoot, and it’s amazing that anyone could ever shoot them quickly with accuracy.
Looking Hot.
Taking a Drive.
Taking a nap.
Taking a walk.
Calvin and JoNae came up Saturday night with their kids. And Daisy. Sienna’s new best friend.
Work Detail Sunday morning, helping Grandma and Grandpa get ready for winter.
Jason and I took a 4-wheeler ride down to the old homestead. This is the barn. So fascinating to me.
Thanks for letting us crash at your joint Grandma and Grandpa Perry!