Sledding at the School

This last week while the kids were off of school Jason had a little time off of work, so one day we all went sledding together at the Elementary School. It wasn’t too crowded and the kids had a ton of fun. Well, most of them.

Jaxson tried to use the girl’s Bilibos as a sled of sorts, but he said it didn’t work very good.

McKyla getting ready to launch down the hill.
Jace was a trooper. Sienna…. not so much. She cried practically the whole time which we did not expect from her, as she is typically happy with everything.

Katauna got a new sled for Christmas this year and was pretty excited to try it out.
Jaxson and Teegan racing up the hill.

Grumpy, bumpy Nenna bug.
On your mark… get set…. go!!!!!!!