Easter in Idaho

Easter this year was kind of a whirlwind. I prefer to be home for the holidays, but sometimes it just works out that we aren’t. This year we were up in Burley for Easter, and it was fun to see the whole family. We spent 3 days there and the kids had lots of time to spend with their cousins. It was a good weekend.
The Easter Bunny showed up to Calvin and JoNae’s house (where we were staying) and didn’t quite know what to do because there were kids sacked out all over the floor of the living room. So, he left the kids baskets and Easter clothes on their seats in the car. Needless to say, the kids thought they had been forgotten until about noon when we loaded up to head over to Becky’s and they found their baskets. Creative little Bunny, he.

The whole family met at Aunt Becky’s house for the Easter Egg hunt and lunch. We hid around 200 eggs and they were all found within minutes. The weather was a little chilly, but not too terrible.

Jace required no learning curve, figured it out pretty dang quick.

Sienna and Jace stuck together for most of the hunt, with Sienna sometimes pointing out eggs and waiting for Jace to pick them up instead of taking them herself. I love it when they love eachother.

Jaxson climbing a tree for an egg in the uppermost branches.

Katauna on the hunt.

Sienna was one of the first to start looking (because of age) and I think the last to quit.

Teegan giving me a smile.

Jace checking out her loot. The scar over her eye is getting better quickly.

Showing dad all her eggs. It was a fun day. We hope everyone had a great Easter!