Soccer Season Closing Down

As sad as it may seem, soccer season has come to a close. McKyla’s second to last game was played in Payson on what threatened to be a horrible weather day, but actually turned out to be quite lovely. We took all the kids, including Coleoleo. McKyla is a lot of fun to watch out there on the field. She is extremely fast, and has just continued to get better and better on her foot work and control this year. I’ve enjoyed going out to a couple games each week and will miss it during the off-season.

Cole giving Sienna piggy-back rides.
Sometimes I just have a hard time accepting the fact that my baby is this old. And yes, this is what her hair almost always looks like. I do it in the morning, and by afternoon (who am I kidding-within an hour) it looks like this again. Some days I just give up.
She knew I was taking pictures of her and refused to look my direction, she thought she was quite hilarious.