Jaxson’s 11th Birthday

On June 13th Jaxson turned 11. Dad got home the day before, so he was here to celebrate for the first time in 3 years. I can’t believe Jaxson is already 11. He is such a good kid. One of my favorite attributes of Jaxson is how much he loves people. He is the best big brother to the two littles, always helping them and spending time with them. He is super talented… not just singing, but his is a rockin soccer player. It will be fun to watch him grow this year. He is now in 11 year old scouts… earning his Arrow of Light on the last possible day. Phew!
For his birthday Jaxson got a new soccer ball, shin guards, some soccer clothes, Fablehaven 5, and a new set of scriptures which he WILL NOT lose. I didn’t wrap anything, because he saw it all in the car. I don’t have the faintest idea who left it there.

Blowing out the candles… I wonder what he’s wishing for?

Sienna just walked up to me as I was posting this and the following discussion ensued:
S: That’s Jaxson’s birthday cake?
M: Uh-huh.
S: That you made it? And me?
M: Yep that’s right.
S: And us?

I had completely forgotten that Sienna helped me with the cake, but she did. She added all the cocoa, and some of the other dry ingredients and then she held the beaters as I added the wet stuff. I know, you think I’m going to say that having a 2 year old’s help is the reason the cake turned out looking so bad. But, well, it’s just not so. I happen to have a talent for sad looking cakes. But it tasted divine.
Happy birthday Bubba, I hope you have a great year. We sure do love you.