One more first day of school.

Because of a change in work conditions, we are not able to work at home anymore. So, we have to go into Lindon every day to work. Since none of us want to put our kids in day care we came up with a great plan. Jason spent a couple days down at the shop framing and sheetrocking in the loft, and hanging a door. My dad painted and we put down linoleum and carpet and decked it out like a school room. Now we bring our kids to work with us everyday and they get 4 hours of pre-school. Their teacher “Miss Milla” (Camilla Cook, Amber’s sister in law) is amazing and they love her. It is awesome to get some good uninterrupted hours of work done, while knowing they are only 20 feet away, and in great hands. It’s been a great fix. My girls love school and ask every morning if they are going to see Miss Milla. This is their first day of “school”.
My babies.
Jace idolizes her big sister.