Perry Family Christmas 2010

Perry Family Christmas was held on the second weekend in December again this year. We went up to the Albion Bed and Breakfast for 2 days of family, food and fun. We actually went up a day early and spent the day skiing on Pomerelle.

It was a great day and everyone had a blast. I only went down the slope a couple times, I’ve been having some back trouble, so I spent most of my time in the lodge with the littles, and taking pictures (which is almost as much fun as skiing anyway!)

The littles were pretty good, and went through a lot of ho cho.

Luckily for us it was a perfect day for skiing, and the resort was practically empty again. It was loverly. We were also super lucky to have some of our best friends join us up the moutain.

Casey and Tanya.
3 of their 5 yahoos came up and boarded. It was fun for Rae to have a boarding partner.

After the day on the slopes we headed back down to Albion and settled in for the weekend. There was a ton of food, lots of games, and a good deal of relaxing. I got to do 3 photo shoots on Saturday, Coltyn’s senior pictures, the Campbell’s and the Pruett’s. It was divine, if a little chilly.

The gift exchange was a ton of fun, I was so excited to give Kari her quilt and photo, and the kids were excited to give presents to their cousins. Sienna took on the role of official helper, she helped every person open their presents and was so excited for them. We look forward to the Perry Family Christmas event all year and it never disappoints. We love going to Albion, but may be choosing a different venue for next year.
We still didn’t quite get everyone in the picture. Ira was gone, and Brett and Coltyn too. Julie??? Where are you? I know you weren’t gone yet! The crew continues to grow. I wonder if we will add anyone before next year?