Another Day in San Fran

We decided that one day was simply not going to be enough time in San Francisco, so we got a hotel and stayed the night. The next day we woke up and headed down to China Town. China town is one of Jason’s favorite parts of San Fran, since he speaks Chinese. We went through a lot of the shops, got some chinese rolls, and did a lot of walking. After China town we headed out to the beach. Most of the kids have never been to a beach before. It was gorgeous, and, obviously, freezing. Not often you see kids at the beach wading out into the water with their pants rolled up and winter coats on. They just couldn’t resist. A wave came in and toppled 3 of them, so we had a wardrobe change in the car after this experience. We took a drive through Golden Gate park, and had lunch on Haight street. We drove to Reno and stayed the night, and then headed home the next day. It was a great vacation, and I hope we remember it for long time.