Moving Day

I think we all hoped deep down that this day might not ever come…. but it did. And it actually came really fast. Dad flew home 3 days before we moved, so that he could go to the 4th of July BBQ at Grandma and Grandpa’s with us… and so that he could help us load up the truck. We had spent the whole week packing and cleaning the house, with the help of Grandma and Aunt Debra (life savers.) By the time dad got home, all that was left was throwing it in the truck.

Last night in our Saratoga Springs home.

Thanks to Aunt Debra for coming and helping us load up the truck. She went above and beyond for this move.

Stephanie came and lived with us while dad was out of town this summer. So, not only were we leaving our home, we were leaving behind a member of our family. We are going to miss miss miss her, and hope she gets married to one of the dozens of guys chasing her soon, so we have a good reason to come back for a visit.
It was a super hot day, and I think I lost a couple pounds sweating. (Not complaining.) Thanks Lauren for all your help…. especially feeding us all. You are the bomb and I will miss you a million times a million.