When Shelley and her fam came to visit in August, we decided we wanted to have a girl’s weekend. At first we were unsure if two mothers of six could actually make something like that happen, but then we just decided we had to do it and make it happen. As it turns out, we are both married to super incredible guys who love us and were amazingly supportive and helpful. (That’s required when you have 6 kids and no family nearby and you want to leave them for the weekend.)

So, we decided to meet in Dallas, which is about the half way point for each of us. I went a few hours early and was able to run over to Fort Worth and have lunch and spend a couple hours with my friend Jamie, who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. It was fun to see her and get to see her house and visit with her and her hubs.

Shelley and I got a hotel room for 2 nights and we pretty much just hung out. We went to the mall, went out to eat, did some shopping. We saw a movie in a dine-in theater, which was just about the coolest thing ever. And we talked. Talked. Talked. Well, mostly I talked and Shelley listened. We’re perfect for each other like that. 😉

It was a fantastic weekend and I’m so glad we made it happen. (Thanks Jason and Mike!) We decided we should try to do it at least twice a year while we live this close to each other. There are not many friends in this world like Shelley, and it is so good to be back in touch on a more regular basis.

Sunday we went to church in a Dallas ward, before each heading home. The only bad part of the weekend was that I had a migraine the whole time… but even with that going on, it was still one of my favorite weekends in a long time. Love you friend.