Ron Paul 2012

Anyone who knows me at all, and follows me on facebook at all, is well aware of the fact that I have temporarily changed my middle name to “voteforronpaul”. Anyone who knows me at all is also very aware that I hate politics. So…. why the change?

I like Ron Paul. I like what he stands for. I like that he has stood for the same morals and principles for 30 years and can back it up with his voting record. I love that he not only loves the constitution but knows what it says, and what it means.

I have figured out that the reason I hate politics and have never gotten involved is that there has never been someone running for president that I felt I could support without reservation. This year there is. If I, a mormon, can see that Ron Paul is a hundred times better for this country than Mitt Romney….. I’m sure you are smart enough to see it too, if you will give yourself a minute to actually check him out.