Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

So, three times a week I get together with two of my friends, Michelle and Angie, and we go walking.  We take all of our kids to the park and Rae and Sam (Angie’s oldest) watch all the others while they play tag and capture the flag and whatever. We walk 4 miles and it is a lot of fun.  The kids love it, it is a great chance to get out of the house for a while and get a little socialization in there.  Michelle homeschools her kids, and Angie homeschools a few of hers.  All in all we leave 13 kids at the park while we walk.  It’s been really nice.  But, you know, sometimes the wind blows in Oklahoma. (I refuse to break into song.) On just such a morning, the kids piled out of the car and the moms piled in.  After about 2 minutes we decided it was way too cold and windy to go walking, and it was more of a hot chocolate kind of day. So we headed to Michelle’s, had some cocoa, and watched a movie.  That’s almost the same thing as walking 4 miles, right?