Typical Perry Morning

Rae posted this time lapse video of their home-school morning today. Pretty much sums it up.  Teegan is asleep in a chair in the corner. Mom is asleep in her room.  No judging, I’m pregnant.      

Getting Ready.

One of the things I was the most excited about when we looked at this house a couple months ago was this room.  This little room across the hall from ours, that I knew, as soon as I saw it, would become the nursery. If you can’t tell, there is some excitement in this home...

New House!

Yes, we have moved, yet again.  Our work in Payson was done, and although we really loved it down there and are really going to miss so many good friends we made in our 2+ years, it was time to move back up to Saratoga Springs, closer to our family and work. We love our...

Sienna’s Big Day

On September 5, 2015, Sienna was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was a wonderful day filled with food, family, and the spirit.  We are super proud of our little girl and her decision to follow Jesus Christ in her life. She looked like an angel.


We call her Sota Pup.  But technically she is not a pup anymore.  She’ll be 2 years old in November.  We’ve had her since she was a pup though.  She’s a Shiba Inu, just like our MoJoTiKa was.  Best dogs ever. I mean ever. Why did we get a puppy?  Well, I wanted more babies. ...