Notre Dame Football. Go Irish.

You know, we aren’t really football people.  Come to think of it, we aren’t really spectators of any sports.  I mean, we enjoy watching a game now and again, but when it really boils down to it… who really cares?  How does it affect our lives one way or another which team wins any sporting event? So, we’ve just never really cared.  We’ll root for BYU if we are watching a game, but if they lose we don’t care for even a second. We’ll root for the Jazz, unless we live in Oklahoma, then we’ll root for the Thunder, and I guess now we are Pacers fans, but I think it unlikely we will even watch one game.  It just doesn’t matter to us.  We’d rather watch a movie.

All that being said, when the company you are working for gives you 8 tickets to a Notre Dame football game, you go.  You go, you yell loud, you eat a lot of bad-for-you food.  And you have a whole lot of fun.