Believe it or not. Believe it.

I know it’s been 4 years since our last family pictures. I know that I’m a photographer and I have clients who take family pictures every single year. I know I know I know.  But, this is just how we roll.  We took these family pics just days before Rae left home. We probably won’t take another set until Teegan gets back from his mission in 4 years or so. It just is what it is.  We took these photos in under an hour.  We just drove around south bend and saw this gorgeous wooded lot with a for sale sign on it and this awesome driveway.  We don’t even know if there was a house at the other end of the drive… we didn’t see one. We parked the car, set up the tripod and took a bunch of shots. Earlier in the morning, while dad was gone, I took a bunch of pictures of just the kids, so that the family photos would be quick and painless. I love how they all turned out.  I love these people so much, they make my life so very rich.  Don’t know where I would be without any of them.  Missed our little Emerson that day.