Softening the blow

We did love Indiana. It will always hold a bit of my heart. Forever. But there are things we didn’t have there, that we do have here. Important things. Things like…. Grandma. And Grandma’s rolls. Good things.

Welcome back

We made it back. I was actually pretty happy to walk in and see my beautiful big clean kitchen, I did miss that. I’ll admit, we did not unpack as quickly as we have in the past. By the time Sunday rolled around there were still boxes everywhere. But we went to church. And when...

Away we go

The time has come. Our year in Indiana is officially coming to a close. We are about to hit the road again. I can’t think about the friends we will miss. I can’t think about the people who have become like family. I can’t think about our ward. I can’t think about how lush and...

More to miss

Is anyone getting tired of the “what I’m going to miss waaaaaaaa” posts yet? No? Oh good, because here is another. I’m going to miss our fireplace. Our front room where we play dominion all. the. time. Cool autumn evenings on the lake. Warm fires for chilly toes. The end.

Running out

I feel the time slipping away. The months have turned to weeks and the weeks are nearly down to days until we have to leave. I will miss our friday nights at the football games. We’ve never been huge sports fanatics, but so many of the young men in our ward play on the football...