palmyra, kirtland, niagra falls, the 4th of july

I dropped Jaxson off at the MTC and flew home, and the next day we were on the road to New York.  It was a spur of the moment trip with Dalan and his family who were in Indiana for a month to help on the job. It was a super packed weekend visiting Kirtland on the way out and the way back, seeing all of Palmyra and the surrounding church sites with some of our favorites being the hill Cumorah and the sacred grove, and visiting Niagra falls, a first for all of us.  Lots of driving, lots of the spirit, lots of family time.  And a quick fireworks show in our backyard once we got home.  I thought we were going to light the trees on fire… but we didn’t. This was a weekend I will never forget.