no time to breathe

No sooner were we home from trek than Tauna and I were out the door again for girl’s camp.  Busy busy busy.  I was so excited to be able to go to girl’s camp this year with Katauna!  My friend Sarah is the stake camp director, and I got called as a level leader.  It was one of the best weeks, and I made three life-long friends. (Sarah, Stephanie, and Julie).  There is something amazing about girl’s camp, even as an adult leader. And the camp was beautiful.  While I was at camp I was so lucky to have my phone on me Tuesday morning when I got a call from Jaxson!  He was leaving the MTC headed to Phoenix.  He said he was happy and loving the work.  I didn’t think I would be able to talk to him at all and we both sobbed with the joy of hearing each other’s voices.  Later that night I had another call come in, but didn’t have my phone on me. It was from his mission president.  It was a wonderful voice mail that informed me Jaxson had arrived safely, looked great, AND that he was being assigned to become a spanish speaking Elder. !!!  I plan to keep that voicemail for a long time.