field trip thursdays

Field trip thursdays sometimes happened, and sometimes didn’t.  Some were lame because I didn’t plan ahead and some were pretty fun.  I think we all liked going to the South Bend Chocolate Factory.  And not just because we got to eat chocolate.  It’s always been intriguing to me to see how things are made. Didn’t...

golf golf and more golf

This has become a favorite family pastime.  We found this amazing little golf course about 10 minutes from home, up in Michigan.  It is a smaller course, never crowded, and pretty affordable, especially if you are walking like we do.  Being outside in the trees with the smell of fresh cut grass.  I mean, c’mon.

they just keep growing

A few weeks ago the littles called me into the living room, and I about busted a gut when I walked in.  Let’s just say, they keep things interesting, and are not short on imagination. Love those two little people.