Fall 2018

It’s strange. In our 2016 fall photos, we had the whole family. All six kids. By the time 2017 fall pics rolled around we were down to 4 kids. Jaxson and Rae were both gone. And now here we are in 2018. Back up to 5. Rae may not be with us long, and Steve will be leaving in the spring, but for now, these are the kids we have at home.

We just ran out to a corn field a couple blocks from home, and around the corner to Jordan river.

Rae is 20 years old and dating the boy she is going to marry. I figure I’ll lose her early next year. Not lose her. Gain a son.

Steve is 18. He’s an adult. And he’ll be leaving on his mission in the early spring. I can’t.

Katauna… 16. When did this happen? Sienna 11… wait what?! Jace 10…stop. Just stop.