Averie Rae

On 8.28.20 Jason and I became grandparents. Little miss Averie Rae waited until she was 2 weeks overdue to make her appearance after a 34 hour labor that included a transfer to the hospital (Rae was planning to deliver at a birthing center) and an un-planned C-section. It’s a good thing she waited so long though, because she was still a tiny little thing at 7 lb 2 oz.

She is the sweetest baby ever and truly a gift to her mom and dad, what a doll. She eats good, sleeps good, poops good. What more could new parents ask for? We love seeing her whenever we have the chance, and a few days ago she was over at the house and we decided to throw together a quick newborn shoot. She didn’t sleep much, and she did poop all over one of those outfits 🙂 but I think we did pretty good.

And yes, being a grandparent is pretty dang cool, as advertised.