four at home

While we were out for our family shots, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get the kids fall pics (back to school) in at the same time. We just ran up to the reservoir – Jason’s idea – and it was such different colors and light that I think these are different enough than the family pics to count. Right?

Steve is officially in college – he is going to trade school to get his journeyman electrician’s license.

Katauna is 18 and a thriving business owner. I love that she hasn’t bailed on us yet and is still at home, she brightens our days and keeps music ever present in the house.

Sienna would be in 7th grade now, and I simply don’t want to think about that. Still loving her gymnastics and getting geared up to compete at a level 6 this year.

Jace would be in 6th, and is our resident rock climber. She has mad skills y’all.