four at home

While we were out for our family shots, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get the kids fall pics (back to school) in at the same time. We just ran up to the reservoir – Jason’s idea – and it was such different colors and light that I think these are different enough than the family pics to count. Right?

Steve is officially in college – he is going to trade school to get his journeyman electrician’s license.

Katauna is 18 and a thriving business owner. I love that she hasn’t bailed on us yet and is still at home, she brightens our days and keeps music ever present in the house.

Sienna would be in 7th grade now, and I simply don’t want to think about that. Still loving her gymnastics and getting geared up to compete at a level 6 this year.

Jace would be in 6th, and is our resident rock climber. She has mad skills y’all.

another 4 years

Well, in 2016 when we last took family pictures, I predicted it would be yet another 4 years before we did them again. It’s true, it’s in the blog post. I called it. Here we are, 2020 four years later. Teegan is not technically finished with his mission, but he is home for a while, thank you crazy world. So, last Sunday evening after dinner we all ran up American Fork canyon together and just took our own shots. Jaxson’s girlfriend Maddy was with us and she snapped all of the full family shots. I’m super pleased with how they all turned out, I can’t believe how big and old my little yahoos have become, and I’m hoping to make this more of an every 2 year experience… but no guarantees.

Averie Rae

On 8.28.20 Jason and I became grandparents. Little miss Averie Rae waited until she was 2 weeks overdue to make her appearance after a 34 hour labor that included a transfer to the hospital (Rae was planning to deliver at a birthing center) and an un-planned C-section. It’s a good thing she waited so long though, because she was still a tiny little thing at 7 lb 2 oz.

She is the sweetest baby ever and truly a gift to her mom and dad, what a doll. She eats good, sleeps good, poops good. What more could new parents ask for? We love seeing her whenever we have the chance, and a few days ago she was over at the house and we decided to throw together a quick newborn shoot. She didn’t sleep much, and she did poop all over one of those outfits 🙂 but I think we did pretty good.

And yes, being a grandparent is pretty dang cool, as advertised.

Fall 2019

Fall pics once again. We kind of cheated and doubled up on this shoot. Rae and Scott were wanting some fall family photos, so I just brought the girls along and did the fall back to school pics at the same time.

I can’t believe I only have 3 kids left at home right now. It’s just a little too much to think about.

We were going for the fall colors, but we ended up with some snow! And, yeah, it was cold enough for snow. We shot fast.

Katauna is 17, almost an adult. Sienna is 12 and Jace is 11. Hard to believe.

Been a while…

It has been a hot minute since soccer was part of our life. Jace face decided she wanted to give it a go this year. So, we signed her up for Rec soccer with the city. It was a real throwback to see her in the same jersey that Rae and Jax used to wear almost 10 years ago. It was a little rough at first, but she has improved every week and is gaining some confidence. She is super sad to see the season coming to an end and will probably want to play again next year. Last week before the game I took some pics of her team.