A couple months ago Jason and I went to lunch at Zupa’s over in Provo by Movies 8. I love that place. I always get the Nuts about Berries salad with extra nuts, and I add cranberries. I’m also partial to the turkey, bacon, avocado sandwhich. Yum. I digress. The point being while we were there I began to lament that there wasn’t a Zupa’s closer to our house. A few days later I discovered one was being built in American Fork. I did a happy dance. And now it’s open. It’s been open about two weeks, and Jason and I have gone there 4 times. I have discovered their fondue. It is yummy. That’s all I have to say about that. At first all she would do is lick and lick and lick the chocolate off. We have this problem with chips and salsa, and with carrots and dip. She is just a dipper and a licker.
We finally told her she had to actually eat the banana if she wanted more chocolate.