Can you say Driving much?

Today we did a LOT of driving. More driving than should be done in one day. Today myself and 6 kids loaded into the car at 6:30 in the a.m. and headed to Idaho. It’s about 3.5 hours. And then this evening myself and 3 kids loaded into the car and came back. My rear end is, I fear permanently, asleep. Sienna lasted 6 hours of driving before she had enough. (That leaves one hour of screaming). We took McKyla up to stay a long weekend with her cousin Sky. We dropped her off at about 10:30, stayed a little while to visit with Aunt JoNae, feed the tiny one, and change two very wet diapers. McKyla has her camera and has assured me she will take loads of pictures so we can blog about her weekend when she returns. Then the other 5 kids and I headed over to Aunt Michelle’s for lunch and an afternoon of visiting. In the end, Michelle asked if the boys could stay until we come back on Sunday to pick up Ky. I hope Scotty has a lot of clean underwear for my boys to borrow and his mom doesn’t get sick of laundry, because my two in addition to her own 5 is a lot of kids making dirty clothes!
Katauna with her same-age cousin Sunny. There appears to be a slight difference in height…
Sienna giving loves to Sawyer, who is 4 months older than she is.

Teegan and Jaxson with Scott watching a movie since it was a little bit winter-like yesterday. For Michelle’s sake I hope they have some warmer weather while they are there.

Jace got to hang out for an hour in Spencer’s jumper. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Sienna and Katauna on the drive home… Sienna loves to tickle.
Katauna, being the only big kid stuck at home with mom and dad got to join us for dinner at Beto’s followed by a movie in the living room! Maybe tomorrow we can hook her up with some of her Utah cousins.