Finally a First Birthday Party

I know, I know, I know. Her Birthday was nearly 2 weeks ago. Let’s just say that the last couple weeks have not been the most pleasant. There was a kidney infection involved, as well as a very sick one year old. I don’t want to talk about it. So, as sad as this is, she has basically just acquired all her new clothes and toys little by little for the last couple weeks. They were never wrapped, but at least she did get some new clothes, new shoes and a new gloworm. Last night my mom baked a cake especially for the birthday girl, so we could sing to her and she could blow out her candle.She wasn’t sure what to do…
But it didn’t take her too long to figure it out.
The cake was delicious. I know because I had a piece. I had a piece because my mama loves me and bakes me gluten-free cakes once in a while, and this was one of those times. Thanks mom.

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope we can both get to feeling better real soon. Love you baby girl.