Another trip up North

For the third month in a row we were able to go see our family in Idaho. Kelly was able to procure us a quarter beef and it was ready for pickup. I love having a freezer full of meat and never having to buy steaks, roasts, or ground beef at the store, and have been missing it! (Although once we got home and Jason started making room in our deep freezer for it we found out we weren’t actually completely out of it like I thought… oops.) We headed up on Friday night. We stayed at Calvin and JoNae’s house and it was a nice restful weekend. On Saturday we went in to town to see the kid’s cousin Scott play basketball and then we spent the afternoon at Kevin and Michelle’s house. Jason and Kevin went out Coyote hunting, and Michelle and I stayed with the kids and watched movies and ate popcorn. We headed back to JoNae’s and went to bed. Sunday morning we got up and started packing, but before we were able to head over to Becky’s house to pick up our meat, THIS is what Calvin had going on outside.

Katauna and Sky. Getting ready to go.

Kyla and Stone, and don’t let this picture fool you, she looked HOT in those coveralls. See the ropes? They were connected to this:

Calvin climbing into the driver’s seat.
Headed down the lane. Looks kinda chilly to me.
They were gone for a good hour or so. Thanks uncle Cal!