BBQ at Dalan’s House

Dalan and Kari were lucky enough to be able to buy a house a couple months ago! They live out here in Saratoga Springs, a few minutes south of us. They have a huge fenced-in backyard, perfect for family BBQs. A few weeks ago, even though it technically wasn’t really warm, we were able to get together with Dalan and Kari, Jayla and Cody, Ryan and Jocelyn, Tyler and Ashley, and Nate Dog, with their families to kick off the summer. Now as I sit here a few weeks later, I’m wondering where summer is? Shouldn’t it be here? It’s 49 degrees today! Anyway it was a lot of fun, with great food, croquet, washers, lots of kids and great conversation. I’m really glad my brother Ryan is friends with my in-laws, it was so fun to be able to hang with him and his family too.
Cody, Nate and Jason, setting up for a wicked croquet match.

Teegan playing washers.

Jaxson picking…er, I mean, scratching his nose. Look at the size of their backyard. So fun.
My, almost, teenager. Can’t believe it.